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Kerosene Stove - Sold
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Eliza's old kerosene stove had been used for cooking on very hot days when she didn't want to burn wood in the iron kitchen range.This kept her little house a bit cooler. The kerosene stove was eventually replaced with a 1930's electric stove that sat on tall enameled iron legs and had an oven that rose two feet above the cooking surface.

She carefully lined up the retired stove in the yard along the garage wall where it became part of a larger arrangement of boards, rusted tools and rollerskates. The orignal glass container for the kerosene, the burner chimneys and the cooking burners were still in place. She placed wooden boards on top of the burners and used this flat surface as a display area for pots and other things. One time she assembled an orderly line of abalone shells against the sparkling white enameled back.

Her garden was filled with artful combinations of little items that most people discard. An old teakettle rested alongside of a few stones on a weathered plank which was carefully balanced on a sawed-off tree trunk. An old galvanized, round washtub became a planter for a snow-white hydrangea.

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