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I suppose a lot of you have been thumbing through the spring and summer seed catalogs that arrive in abundance. The seed companies seem to have separate catalogs for each season, and also separate catalogs for vegetables, roses, perennials and annuals. We can order seeds or plants already rooted and anxious to explode in color, just for us.

But wait! Take a look at those catalogs. Those flower photographs are quite colorful. I had been throwing out the catalogs each season until my sister told me she had cut them up and papered the lower portion of her bathroom wall. That idea was too good not to borrow and modify, and that's what I did.

Certainly the interior side of the door going from our kitchen to the adjoining garage looked fine, but the other side was plain paint. It was a good place to do my version of seed catalog craziness.

I saved all the flower catalogs for a few months and even sent away for a couple of Iris catalogs to get a wider variety of flowers. Each picture was cut square on the paper cutter and I used a diluted solution of Elmer's Glue and water to stick them on to the door surface. A small roller squeezed out excess glue and make the pictures flat.

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