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In 1958 we wrote to the Plumas County Chamber of Commerce asking for brochures and recommendations of resort sites in the Feather River area. Among those we received was a leaflet about the Mohawk Lodge. It had a one-page supplement of short testimonials of former guests describing their wonderful times at the Mohawk. Frequently they would write é─˙We have been coming up here for 28 years and.....é─¨ This seemed like a good recommendation to a couple with a young family so we booked a reservation for two weeks. We were assigned the furthest cabin across the road. We had a lovely time. We learned when testimonials declare they have been é─˙coming up for 20 and 30 yearsé─¨, those clients were old mature types whose families had grown many years before.. We were the only family with children at the resort. Each evening as we took the children for walks we would see nicely dressed older couples gathered for refreshments on the front veranda of the lodge. The ladies wore flowered dresses, nylons and nice shoes and the men wore sport or suit jackets and ties. We would see them later in the main living room playing bridge or some sort of card game. It all looked very nice and formal by today's standards..

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