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The shingles on this tankhouse and its adjoining dwelling were painted white. The house had red trim and a red entrance door. It was built circa 1920-1930 as part of the German Athletic Club and is located on Edgewood Road in Redwood City, California. The tennis courts were behind the tall linked fence on the right. Elizabeth, an artist, lived in the building and gave painting instruction. She was a gray-haired woman with a terrific attitude. She had fled the Hitler regime and was happy in this new country and her modest home. Her house number was painted on an old, oval, wooden art palette that she nailed to the tree in front.
We were a congenial group of a half dozen painters who met there weekly. We brought our lunches and Elizabeth brought out a half-gallon jug of wine at lunch time. We were free to stay all day. Her own easel was placed directly in front of the large window at the end of the building. She was an interesting woman and a fine instructor. It was always a pleasure to go there.

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