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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Everywhere you'll find a chair
You see them here, you see them there
The curious ones might make you stare
Come take a seat, pull up a chair.

Johnsville Chair 1971- Sold

It was the most mended chair I had ever seen. It was setting in the sun on the crumbling porch of a deteriorating cabin in Johnsville, California. This is in some of the gold rush country in Plumas County...

Flying Bentwoods- For Sale

I never found a bentwood chair that I didn't like. I enjoy those graceful curves that lead the eye right back to the chair itself. They are a joy to paint. For a while we had an avalanche of bentwoods...

Captains Chair - sold

The cabin, a relic of the Gold Rush in the 1840's and 1850's had seen better days. The old Eureka Gold Mine was less than a half-mile away. The old Captain's chair, well weathered and split just belonged...

Barber Chair 2 - For Sale

I sketched this tattered barber chair 25 years ago in a covered hallway entrance to a cabin-like cocktail bar in the Mohawk Valley in Plumas County. By now, I imagine someone has restored its seats to...

Lawn Chairs - Sold

I walked into the back yard one early morning to straighten things up after the picnic we hosted the previous day. The children had left these chairs all lined up and the sun was casting wonderful shadows....

Pool Chairs - Sold

This little lineup of chairs at a motel pool attracted me because they lacked the usual uniformity of poolside furniture. The managers probably replaced one or two damaged chairs every year and didn't...

Found Rocker - Sold

A group of us hauled our palettes and easels to a small ranch in the older part of San Mateo County. As usual, we scattered about the property in different directions until we saw something that caused...

Blue Chair Johnsville California = Sold

I painted this gem of a chair on location. It sat forlornly on the broken porch of an abandoned cabin up in Johnsville, a tiny town with a fascinating history as a booming California Gold Rush town in...

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