The Art of Jean Groberg

"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Cows and cornfields, hay stacks and harvest time. The midlands of America were pioneered and settled by a hardy folk. The legacy of their labor helps feed the world to this day. A simpler life? Perhaps. A harder one, definitely. The world of Jean Groberg's childhood lives once again on canvas.

Springtime on Natoma Road-For Sale

The apricot orchard is old, and the wild mustard is beginning to bloom. This tankhouse settled well in the orchard has been an attraction to me as I worked on other jobs in the Los Altos Hills area of...

Eucalyptus Grove on the Alameda-Sold

Drive along Alameda in Atherton and enjoy the view of a grove of eucalyptus trees at the top of the hill above a small vineyard. A lovely setting. I returned there several nights at sunset to finish...

Buckeye Tree in Winter - For Sale

This oil painting was the result of an early autumn trip into the nearby hills with some other painters. The buckeye tree always seems to be in such a big hurry. By late July, it's leaves are falling,...

Our Old Dakota Farm - sold

Ten Children were raised on this Dakota farm during the drought and the depression. There were three bedrooms. The two upstairs were the "boys" and the "girls" rooms, somewhat like a dormitory. An artesian...

Bubb - the Farrier - sold

Several horses, with their owners, stopped by to greet Bubb as he did his work in the shade of an old green barn at the Webb Ranch. He worked calmly and confidently and the horses seemed comfortable around...

The Eight-Gabled Outhouse - sold

This was the most detailed outside toilet I had ever seen, and I found it right there on a vacant lot on the Main Street of Ludden, North Dakota. I just couldn't pass this one by.

Saddle - Sold

The Duvenick Ranch is located in the hills near Los Altos, California. When I painted this in the 1960's there was a youth hostel on the property and the ranch also hosted a summer camp for city children....

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