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Crazyquilt Clothing
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Crazyquilt Clothing

Tie Vest = Sold

Pieces from old silk neckties, all in a similar color range, made up this vest. The orange satin patches were the only additions that were not from neckties.

Bathrobe - Sold

This robe was made completely from leftover fabric scraps. A used cotton flannel sheet blanket was used as the base for the patchwork. It provided body and warmth for the garment.

Shirt Front - Sold

With a wild and colorful shirt such as this, it seemed just right to use unmatched buttons, each one of a different color. The button box was handy here.

Crazy Patch Instruction Booklet

For readers who wish to sew crazy patched clothing, this is the booklet for you, and it is probably the only instruction book published on this subject as I developed this method. Since crazy quilting...

Tan Jacket - Sold

No trip to the fabric store was necessary to sew this jacket. It was made completely from discarded woolen skirts.

Denim Vest - Sold

Another use for scrap denim from old jeans - a vest with metal buttons.

Mauve Skirt - Sold

This woolen skirt is the only garment in this collection made from new fabric. All other garments are from recycled fabric or scraps.

Suiting Skirt - Sold

My neighbor collected discarded mens woolen suits and we assembled them into this handsome skirt. The only non-suiting additions were the green woolen chevrons.

Gingham Shirt - Sold

Cotton gingham patches,of assorted colors, were sewn to a solid white cotton base.

Silk Vest = Sold

A lightly padded crazyquilt vest made completely from silk. All seams have been embroidered with shining floss using stitch patterns typically used on Victorian crazyquilt throws.

Denim Jacket - Sold

This denim jacket was a household favorite. It was made completely from worn denim jeans and overalls that were sewn to a blue cotton chambray base.

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