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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Eliza's Cottage
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Woodside California, here you will find opulent mansions in all of their splendor. In stark contrast was Eliza's Cottage. Eliza had been living there on her limited income since1918, raising 5 children on her own in the process. The constraints of her budget forced her to use her resources creatively and creativity was one thing which Eliza never lacked..

Elizas Front Porch - Sold

Feral cats had shredded the hemp-wrapped rocking chair on Eliza's front porch. She had plants growing in a variety of broken crockery and chipped enameled cooking kettles. I was painting a canvas in her...

Elizas Kitchen Chair - Sold

A worn chenille bedspread was always draped across the seat of Eliza's wicker kitchen chair. I recall this being the only "soft" chair in the house. A fading hand hooked rug was placed on the floor. She...

Elizas Kitchen Stove - Sold

One late autumn morning I found Eliza sitting at her kitchen table, warmly bundled aganst the morning chill. The house smelled of smoke seeping from a clogged metal chimney flue on the kitchen stove.The...

Elizas Quince - For Sale

The little lean-to room built onto Eliza's kitchen was a room of infinite variety. I spent an afternoon there when I painted this picture. She had arranged quince in a battered milk strainer. They were...

Elizas Kitchen - Sold

Eliza was 84 years old and wrote poetry every day on flattened envelopes she kept pressed in her Christian Science Book.. It was so stuffed with loose pieces of paper it was shaped like a fan. She took...

Cabin Ceiling - Sold

Eliza had a small cabin in her backyard where her children would sleep during hot summer nights. The rough interior wall boards were painted white. She stored some of her cherished mementos out there....

Elizas Cottage - Sold

Eliza's cottage was well-loved and well-worn. She placed some chipped china teacups on a little wooden shelf by the front door. Under the cup shelf was a hand lettered sign reading "Smiles Cottage". It...

Raggedy Ann - Sold

raggety ann
Eliza kept this little red chair by the piano.The red paint glistened as it caught the morning sun. A six-inch hole had been carefully sawed through the very middle of the thick wooden seat and its rough...

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