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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Eliza's Garden
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A visit to Eliza's garden and yard. She was an artful arranger of things that most of us would discard.

Old Boots - Sold

Most people would have discarded this old pair of mens work boots. Eliza must have kept them for a sentimental reason that she kept to herself. These boots had already had one or two lifetimes of wear....

Elizas Cellar Door - For Sale

Eliza had impaled a group of chipped enameled metal milk jugs on the claw-like branches of a dead bush. I was working on a painting of this intriguing setup when she called from her basement. She wanted...

Elizas Convetible - For Sale

Eighty-four year old Eliza had a little building in her backyard that she called "the cabin". Some of her five children slept there during warm summer weather in the 1920's and 1930's. In 1974 it still...

Elizas Garage Wall - Sold

Where do broken tools, rollerskates and boards go to finish their time on earth? At Eliza's place many of them ended up leaning against or hanging on her exterior garage wall. Old metal clamp-on rollerskates,...

Elizas Rusty Lantern - Sold

Eliza had two of these rusty kerosene lanterns hanging on her weathered house. They were each a different style but I guarantee they were both rusty. Rust does not discriminate.

Kerosene Stove - Sold

Eliza's old kerosene stove had been used for cooking on very hot days when she didn't want to burn wood in the iron kitchen range.This kept her little house a bit cooler. The kerosene stove was eventually...

Inside Elizas Cabin - Sold

The little one-room cabin in Eliza's backyard looked comfy when we went in to look at her Victrola wind-up phonograph in a tall cabinet. The records were almost twice the thickness of ordinary 78 rpm records...

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