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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Feather River Country
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Ansel Adams took hundreds of photos of the Sierra Nevada. His images tell stories of Geology and Nature. People lived there too. They struggled after dreams of riches, and when they left, they left behind their homes and villages, some still populated, some abandoned forever. What ghost is that I hear... weeping over gold foretold and life's love lost?

Graeagle Cottage - For Sale

The small village of Graeagle had its start as a lumbering town. It is located at 5000 feet elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Plumas County in California. It was a company town and was owned...

Johnsville Fire Station 1971- For Sale

The Johnsville Fire Station was one of the smallest fire stations I have ever seen. It certainly did a very important job of protecting the fire fighting equipment in this isolated little village....

Abandoned Mannequin - For Sale

At the 5000 foot elevation in Plumas County, California is the little village of Johnsville. In 1849 it was a brawling, hard-working, gut-busting, gold miner's town bristling with activity brought by individual...

Mohawk Lodge=Sold

In 1958 we wrote to the Plumas County Chamber of Commerce asking for brochures and recommendations of resort sites in the Feather River area. Among those we received was a leaflet about the Mohawk...

Empty Johnsville Store - For Sale

The store seemed to have been empty a long time. The wild grass was long and dry. I painted this picture in approximately 1971. When I paint on location people come up and tell me lots of things that...

Johnsville Boardinghouse - For Sale

The small gold rush town of Johnsville was quiet on the afternoon in 1973 when I painted this window of an abandoned boarding house, a leftover from the 1849 Gold Rush. Warped boards covered some of the...

Aspen at Frazier Falls -For Sale

It is just a short hike from the road. Walking alongside the aspen trees to Frazier Falls is a beautiful autumn walk. I had to hurry out of there one time when a thunder and lightning storm suddenly...

Mohawk Valley Barn - Sold

Getting to this Mohawk Valley barn in Plumas County was no simple drive. At one time it was known as the McKenzie Guest Ranch. After passing through and closing a big stock gate on the main highway, we...

Blue Rocks - For Sale

A tumbled mass of rocks up on Smith Creek in Plumas County was my subject for this painting executed in acrylic glazes

Along the Gold Lake Highway - Sold

It isn't far from the highway, but the autumn color will help you locate this gorgeous grove of aspen trees. Sold

Clio General Store - Sold

It was a warm summer afternoon in 1974 when I painted the General Store in the town of Clio, located at 5000 feet elevation in the forests of Plumas County, California. This little village only had a dozen...

Weighted Gate - Feather River Park-Sold

The fence that ran beside the 8th green on the Feather River Park Golf Course in Blairsden, California had this interesting gate. A rusty square piece of iron, with a hole and looking much like the nut...

Mohawk Valley - Sold

It is quite a treat to drive around the curve and see this lovely spot. Sometimes there were deer grazing in the meadow. I stood by the big tree as I painted, very aware of the limited space along the...

Mohawk Footbridge - Sold

I found this delightful zig-zag footbridge at the old Mohawk resort near Blairsden, California in 1973. It was at 5000 feet elevation and crossed a meandering creek. Punctures from golfer's cleated shoes...

Graeagle -Sold

Graeagle, a small village in Plumas County, California, began as a mill town years ago. Timber from the surrounding forests were brought to the Graeagle sawmill. The whole town was owned by the sawmill...

Barber Chair at Mohawk Bar -sold

We were on vacation up in the Feather River area of Plumas County, California in 1972 when I found this tattered barber chair in a rustic redwood cabin used as a public cocktail bar. The chair and...

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