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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Fruit Still Life
 click on any image to see a larger version 
Enjoy the colorful arrangements of fruits in these paintings that are available for sale.

Pixelated Red Pears - Sold

More fun with the pixel-like strokes of my paintbrush. Such a pleasure to lay on those colors. Oil painting on canvas 18 x 24 inches.

Persimmon With Brass Pitcher-Sold

Every fall one welcomes the small flat persimmons to the Farmer's Market. Not only beautiful, their firmness assures a long-lasting painting setup. Size 10 x 20 inches. Available

Five Pears - Sold

Five beautiful pears in a friendly grouping were a bigger challenge to paint than I had expected. It was a place to try my new large Filbert brush.

Three Figs - For Sale

Three plump figs, fresh from the local Farmers Market were a new subject for me and I enjoyed the journey. I hope you like them. Available

Books and Apples - For Sale

When a neighbor delivered a brown grocery bag full of very red apples she thought I was going to make applesauce. Well, not really. First the apples had a few days lounging on a white cloth in my workroom....

Apples on Yellow Cloth - Sold

These apples are an almost extinct variety grown by a friend in Oakland I think I know why this variety still exists. My setup is still sitting in the studio after two months and only one shows serious...

Oranges at Safeway - Sold

These bags of oranges were lined up like little soldiers in the Produce Section at the local Safeway Store. The problem was they were lined up too perfectly, so I quickly turned one forward, took a fast...

Pears on a Barrel - Sold

A few plump Danjou pears from Oregon placed on a small old wine barrel caught the light in the corner of the kitchen. It was time to take an opportunity to paint. Sold

Clay Pot and Pears - For Sale

A clean clay pot and yellow pears seemed like a friendly combination. Available

Red Pears on Drum - For Sale

I couldn't pass up the glorious red of these fresh pears from Oregon.. Available

Lemons and Grapes - Sold

The lemons from our tree, the grapes from some unknown place far away - they met on my art table. Sold

Persimmons in Blue Box - For Sale

My neighbor, Linda, appeared at my door with a box of persimmons. When she placed them on the kitchen table we both acknowledged the Grey Poupon blue box she used for delivery was the perfect container...

Pixelated Pears - For Sale

Pears, pears, pears! I like to paint them when they are standing, horizontal, frontwrds and backwards. .. so why not try a pixel-like version? Here it is. Size 16 x 20 inches. - Available

Bag of Fruit - sold

A few plums and apricots tumbled from a brown paper bag onto the table. I knew it was time to paint.

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