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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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If you are looking for available paintings of gardens and trees, this is the place for you.

Little House Oak Tree - Available

Another trip to Menlo Park for a visit to one of my favorite winter trees. It grows beside a pathway at Little House, a Senior Center in that city operated by Peninsula Volunteers. So nice the leaves...

NeighborsBirchTrees-Oilpainting -Sold

The interesting texture and color of the birch trees in winter always catch my eye. They are similar to the aspen, but their form has not been distorted from the weight of the winter snows the aspen...

Our Birch Trees - Available

We watch the green buds of the birch open in the spring. The seeds spill like wheat germ in late summer and their golden ochre leaves flutter to the ground in the autumn. It is when the white trunks...

Solarium - Oil painting -Sold

I found this abandoned solarium high in the hills of the San Francisco Peninsula. It was part of the estate built and owned by W. Nylen, one of the attorneys who represented William Randolph Hearst. Ivy...

Coonans Persimmon Orchard - sold

I walk by Coonan's orchard on my walks toward the creek and have seen it at all seasons and at one time planned painting a seasonal series of it. Perhaps I will yet get to this. At least this is a beginning....

Green Trees - For Sale

This was the second painting using a sketch done of a window view from my dentist's chair. The first sketch was painted in blues. I wanted to work in greens and use transparent varnishes. This was the...

Along the Gold Lake Highway - Sold

It isn't far from the highway, but the autumn color will help you locate this gorgeous grove of aspen trees. Sold

Oak at Little House - Sold

The bare branches of the oaks during the winter are always of interest and I found this huge oak near a Senior Recreation Center in Menlo Park. It was just the subject I had been seeking. Sold

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