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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Still Life Paintings

Paint Cans - sold

How many of these paint cans have I emptied over the years, without giving them a glance? This group had collected on the garage workbench when they caught my attention for this painting. Those Kelly...

Tin Candlestick - For Sale

A tin candlestick made in Mexico catches the light in its many flat surfaces. Oil on canvas - Available

Dictionary - Sold

Once a dictionary enters the home it never leaves. This Webster's Collegiate Dictionary was from my husband's 1940's college years. I loved all the little thumb markers along the edges of the pages....

RaggedyAnnNearWindow- sold

Occasionally I will borrow items from friends and neighbors for use in a painting setup. I hope the little neighbor girl didn't miss the blue chair for the two weeks I had it in my studio.

Garden Boots - Oil painting- For Sale

These are the boots one wears so the mud from the flower beds gets left in the garage. Easy on and easy off. Available

Mixed Bouquet - sold

I had a wonderful time developing this impasto oil painting with my palette knife

Killer Shoes of the 1950 - sold

Theyre back!! I thought this generation of gals had beaten the system. During the past decade Ive noticed how working women cast aside high heeled shoes for comfortable lower-heeled dress...

Size 13 - For Sale

Shoes were pulled off and left on the grass so I went to work. Such large shoes they were. Available

Chinese Lannterns- sold

The colorful orange pods of the Chinese Lantern plant were a delight for the first three years they were in our garden. Then, I became aware they were a voracious predator, sneaking underground only to...

Summer Hats - For Sale

Hats, hats and more hats. The Farmers Market in our town operates on Saturday mornings for about six months of the year. One vendor has a big table of straw hats and after a couple trips downtown, I managed...

My Brush Jars - Sold

The brush containers sit on the table doing their job but I rarely look at them. The sun caught them at the right time one morning and I looked -- and painted. Sold

Black Lace Shoes - For Sale

These black lace shoes have been tucked in one of my old hat boxes for over 30 years. They were purchased in the 1950's for a special event and it was at this time I found that these glorious shoes were...

Three Hanging Shoes -For Sale

There they were, two pair of shoes hanging on the clothesline -- they needed a little pair and a trip to a neighborhood garage sale provided a very nice childs pair of tennis shoes. The rest was pure...

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