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Northern California
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Tankhouses of Northern California

Tankhouse Shingle Art

This is my favorite tankhouse in Mendocino, California.. The carpenter used groupings of varied shingles. There are several courses of pointed shingles, several more of straight and then several that feature...

Exxon Tankhouse

It was not hard to spot this super-tall, four-story building along a major highway in Northern California near the Oregon border. It caught the eye of some enterprising advertising fellow who had his...

Eureka Tankhouse

The owner of this tankhouse built a small garage within the trestle and left the water tank atop this tidy structure. The tankhouse, painted a sparkling white, is located in Eureka, California.

Double Tanker Tankhouse

This building housed a small commercial store in Mendocino at the time of this drawing in 1978. They sold various weather-related gadgets. It is one of the few remaining double-tank towers in the village....

Condo Tankhouse

No, I do not really believe this Mendocino tankhouse is a condominium, however they just kept adding to it as they connected it to the main house and ended up with something that looks like a small apartment...


This Mendocino tankhouse was, without doubt, the gardener's utility shed. It had been painted yellow, as was the nearby two-story house. The casual garden was lush with flowers. The garden hose was carefully...

Tankhouse with Side Garage

A small garage nestled in the lean-to structure on this building. The dwelling surrounded the tankhouse like a doughnut.

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