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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Make a few large quilts and one ends up with a pile of little pieces. Then it's time to create some new items. Peek into the gallery and see how those little pieces were used.


A set of these placemats in similar color tones along with blue napkins made an attractive place setting. Written instructions available on this one. $6.00 includes mailing. Email me at the below address...

Pincushion - Sold

One of the students brought in a Victorian pincushion to one of the classes where I was giving a demonstration. I noted how it was made and made a copy, using the same embroidery stitches used in old Victorian...

Victorian Satin Pillow = Sold

A Victorian pillow, worn and a bit tattered, was brought to a quilt class for me to see. I liked the way the light rode the satin ridges. After close examination of the pillow, I went home and made one...

Victorian Satin Pillow

A close-up view of the Victorian puckered satin pillow. Instructions Hatmakers made use of puckered satin when decorating lady's hats in the 1930's. Email me at address below if you are interested in...

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