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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Paint, Paper and Wood Diversions

Stool- Purple and Red -

This is really a cute little sturdy stool about 12 inches high -- and all painted up in red, orange, purple and chartreuse like any self-respecting stool ought to be.

Wooden Tray 2 - Sold

I wrapped this tray in a lot of red, did the pen and ink drawing fun and gave it a couple coats of varnish.

Wooden Tray 1 - Sold

One of a series of four trays, this one with a touch of green. I added the pen and ink work before the final coat of varnish

Emersons Stool -Top view

The top view of Emerson's stool.

Emersons Stool - Sold

Just the right size sturdy little stool for a sweet little girl. -Sold

Little Yellow Bench - Sold

This little bench was another treasure from the Thrift Store. I search these type outlets because I find items to paint that are unique from what is available in the stores. They are more work to strip...

Wooden Tray - sold

This little tray was discovered at a thrift store. It was well-made and had wooden round door handles for feet. A bit of sanding and some new bright paint and it now has a new life. Sold

Blue-Footed Booby - Paper Mache-For Sale

Using an armature made of wire hangers, plastic margarine tubs and chopsticks, I built this creature with the help of a lot of wallpaper paste, newspapers and masking tape ---lots of masking tape. I really...

Lindas Stool - 03 Sold

I wanted to paint a stool in shades of green -This one, 30" tall, turned out to be quite a challenge. The long circular legs were difficult to paint..

Door Collage-Seed Catalogs

I suppose a lot of you have been thumbing through the spring and summer seed catalogs that arrive in abundance. The seed companies seem to have separate catalogs for each season, and also separate catalogs...

Parade Float-Creative Diversions

In the 1980's it was Centennial time for the small town of Claremont, South Dakota. It has a population under 200 people. Folks from the surrounding towns participated to help make this a success. My...

Painted Telephone -Sold

It isn't safe for any solid colored item to sit around here too long as I am likely to throw some color or design on it. The new white telephone hung on the kitchen wall but a few days when I decided...

Plastic Swimsuit Form One -Sold

The clear plastic forms used for display of swimsuits seemed a challenge to decorate for the garden fence. I painted the swimsuit in place on the under side and then sprayed the whole underside with silver...

Diamond Back Cobra - Sold

Two long pieces of heavy copper wire were used as the base for this coiled snake. I finished him off with acrylic paint and some varnish. Sold


A messy but fascinating way to finish chairs, and pieces of furniture. I floated the various enamels in water and dipped the pieces in separately.

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