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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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People Denim
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Blue is the color for the man who works all day with his hands. The people in these paintings spend their lives working the fertile soil of the grain belt. Their wardrobe consists mainly of worn overalls, faded cotton shirts and sturdy boots. The calluses on their hands tell the tale of their labors. Their openness and body language express their satisfaction in life.

The Card Game - For Sale

I sketched these three men at different locations and times. I decided it might be nice if they met on my canvas for a game of cards. I think they are having a nice time.

Pa Reads The Paper - Sold

Each noon Pa came in from the field and ate dinner. After dinner he pulled his pipe from a pocket in his overall bib, filled it with Prince Albert smoking tobacco and went to sit in the front room with...

Pa and His Tractor - Sold

It was D-day in June, 1945 and Pa was working in his South Dakota field. When his tractor got to the end of the field row on this particular day he was happy to pull off his gloves and greet one of his...

Farmer Brother Don - sold

This painting of the eldest in our large family was done from a 1963 photograph. He was farming at that time and also had a large egg-laying operation. Once laid, the eggs came rolling down a slightly...

Noon Meal on the Farm - sold

In 1952 there were still lots of small independent farmers in South Dakota. It was spring planting time at the farm of my brother Don. He and the hired man had come in at noon for a robust homecooked...

Cousin Art - Sold

There was nobody quite like cousin Art. Ma cooked and did housekeeping for this kind-hearted bachelor for 25 years. I captured this picture of him playing his button accordion on a blustery, cool South...

Farm Boy - sold

This fourteen-year old working farm boy was the fourth son and the youngest of our large family. He had six sisters.

Checking The Cattle - sold

Riding in the back of a pickup truck across a South Dakota pasture can be a rough ride.

Rained Out Farmers Meet for Coffee-Sold

These farmers planned on being in the field on this particular day but the rain made them change plans. This newly-available time was used to exchange farm problems over a cup of coffee with local farmer...

Pa Builds a New Toilet - sold

When an old outhouse (outside toilet); developed an ominous tilt, it had one of two problems: it was about to fall into the pit below or it was architecturally unsound. The old outhouse here needed attention...

The Workshop - Sold

My brother, a South Dakota farmer, sits in his woodshop in the 1980's. The dog has a lot to act humble about. The night before I sketched this, he was left alone on the farm. He amused himself with an...

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