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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Have you ever noticed? There are people all over the place. They are doing the most interesting things too! Watching another person going about their daily business can be fascinating. Open your window and take a peek into the worlds of these people.

Ladies Luncheon-For Sale

With my sketchbook in my lap and out of sight, I sketched these four women engrossed in their luncheon conversation at the Kenwood restaurant in the Sonoma Valley wine country. It appeared that two daughters...

Michael V - Tai Chi Insructor-For Sale

This cheerful fellow instructs a Tai Chi class every two weeks at Gordon Manor, a remarkable care facility in Redwood City, California. When he steps to the front of his class this guy just lights up....

Closing Time - For Sale

Closing time in a bar. A time for new beginnings and sad endings -- and both happening simultaneously. Available

Sunday Morn - sold

A teenager spends leisure time in her room.

Canning Dill Pickles - sold

This woman was the mother of ten children and the jar of pickles she holds was but one of the hundreds of quarts of pickles canned each summer. Her garden produced enough cucumbers to make twenty gallons...

Balloon Clown -sold

Petoonya, the Balloon Clown appeared at the Redwood City Farmer's Market every weekend and always drew a crowd. She completely captured the attention of her young customers with her balloon wizardry. Every...

Strawberry Vendor - sold

This strawberry grower has been a vendor at the Redwood City Saturday Farmers Market for several years. The Market opens at 7:00 a.m. in a downtown parking lot and the vendors must put in a long day to...

Garage Sale - For Sale

She had been a drummer in an all-girls band in the 1930's-1940's and she was carefully stacking the old 1940's sheet music that was for sale at her family garage sale. I was so intrigued by her appearance...

Self Portrait -Sold

Just me and my shadow - well not quite - and a mirror. What else can I say?

Ma Relaxing - Sold

Ma was in her mid-eighties and on one of her winter visits. She used my studio area in the daytime to paint and every night, befoe she went to bed, she wove little doilies on a string loom.Since she wove...

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