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San Francisco Peninsula Tankhouse
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These are drawings of tankhouses of the San Francisco Peninsula. These structures provided a ready water supply for dwellings, garden and fire protection.

Jelich Tankhouse

This sturdy tankhouse in Portola Valley, California was built on a low, wide-spreading trestle and served an adjoining large Jelich apple orchard The roof and attractive lattice protected the tank from...

Woodside Two-Story Tankhouse Home

The removal of the storage tank atop the tankhouse became cause for major renovations and a structure of equal size was added to the tankhouse. A conventional roof embraced the tankhouse as well as the...

Traveling Tankhouse

This mustard colored tankhouse with a topping of carved filigree was suddenly visible to passersby when the lot was cleared to build a new house in Atherton, California. I was glad I sketched it, for...

Portola Valley Windmill

An unsightly well, dug in 1917, was disguised shortly thereafter by this attractive facsimile windmill. Living quarters for a caretaker were provided in the base structure. It was a pretty sight in 1985...

San Carlos Tankhouse

It was not difficult to imagine generations of happy family picnics and barbecues surrounding this tankhouse located near a private dwelling in San Carlos, California. The picnic tables shaded by an overhead...

Docktown Tankhouse

This huge steel tank, supported by a substantial trestle, is surrounded by houseboats in Docktown on the San Francisco Bay waterfront in Redwood City, California. The area below the tankhouse contains...

Edgewood Road Tankhouse

The shingles on this tankhouse and its adjoining dwelling were painted white. The house had red trim and a red entrance door. It was built circa 1920-1930 as part of the German Athletic Club and is located...

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