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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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San Mateo County Tankhouses

Senior Center Tankhouse

The water tank was overflowing on the day of this drawing in 1977. The tankhouse is located near the Senior Center in Redwood City, California. The older woman resident, wearing a flowered dress, talked...

Duncan Tankhouse

There were a couple acres of open field in front of this tankhouse in Woodside, California and it was a lovely sight against the hilly backdrop of the Coastal Range. When I went into the yard for a close-up...

Fleishacker Tankhouse

A group of painters went to the Fleischacker estate in Woodside, California to do some painting. I entered through a gate at the back of the property and was immediately facing a tankhouse. Since I am...

San Gregorio Tankhouse

Those are quite fancy windows for such a modest shingled tankhouse. The tank area was screened with a black mesh fabric and it looked like an animal was occasionally fenced in the pen. The long rope swing...

Solari Tankhouse

It was easy to see the top of this windmill as it was just a couple dozen yards from the road and almost the same level as the highway overpass in Redwood City, California. The 3,000-gallon tank at the...

Beresford Avenue Tankhouse

There appears to be a dwelling unit located at the top of the stairway in this Beresford Avenue tankhouse located in an older residential area just outside the Redwood City limits in California. The tank...

Holbrook PalmerTankhouse

This elegant tankhouse featured embellishmets not found on its more modest sisters. It was built on the lavish Atherton, California estate which has now become a city park. Very few tankhouses feature...

Woodside Tankhouse

This well-maintained tankhouse, with rooftop television antenna, was located in the back part of some property in Woodside, California. It was painted a deep redwood color and featured two small pop-out...

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