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Santa Clara Valley
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Tankhouses of Santa Clara Valley

Cupertino Tankhouse

This carefully tended red and white tankhouse once provided water storage for a ranch but it is now part of a park in Cupertino, California. The children's bike racks are in place outside the adjacent...

Cranston Tankhouse

This very tall structure, built in 1917, oversees the remnants of a small orchard in the hills above Los Altos, California. It is one of the few that I have seen with a stucco masonry exterior finish....

DeAnza Tankhouse

A few top-heavy sunflowers, some old farm equipment, a pile of rocks and a massive caterpillar tractor certainly set this tankhouse apart from the others. A long shelf lined with pigeon nesting boxes was...

Cranberry Manor Tankhouse

This tankhouse was beautifully maintained and painted a sparkling white. It nestled in a well-manicured garden in Sunnyvale, California. The curtains made it appear to be used occasionally as an office,...

The Convent Tankhouse

The apricot orchard provides a peaceful setting for this tankhouse in Los Altos Hills, California. It sits amidst the orchard on property used by a Convent whose members take vows of silence. I noticed...

Martha K. LynnTankhouse

I could see this tall red tankhouse from the freeway as I drove through the Los Altos Hills area in California and located it after a scouting trip through winding roads. The little hill provided an ideal...

Palo Alto Tankhouse

This charming red tankhouse with white trim had a small pop-out stained glass window in the front. It was located within a couple blocks of the Stanford University Campus in Palo Alto, California and was...

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