The Art of Jean Groberg

"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Still Life
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Foreground... background... the flow of shapes and colors drawing your eyes on an excursion across an expanse of canvas. Take a visual vacation and relax in the colorful bounty of these paintings.

Stacked Cups - For Sale

Cups make a wobbly stack and it took a lot of twisting of handles to make this grouping behave themselves while I painted. Oil painting on canvas, size 20 x 20 inches. Available.

Stacked Teapots - For Sale

Lesson One in the art of stacking teapots is to know when the addition of the final pot is going to cause the pyramid to topple. After learning this hard lesson a lightweight aluminum teapot was selected...


Ragged Ann Sitting - sold

This particular Raggedy Ann doll is now 44 years old. She spends most of the year in a box filled with other dolls her same age. Every Christmas all of the dolls come out of the box for a display on...

Running Shoes - sold

A well-worn pair of running shoes

Hydrangeas - sold

We grow them in the summer garden and dry them in the autumn. In the summer they give the garden a good shot of color and their soft mauve, rose and sage colors cheer the inside rooms on winter days.

Candelabra - For Sale

This may be a messy way to burn candles, but I like it.

Three Lipsticks -Sold

Now we don't leave several lipsticks sitting around at one time all opened unless there is a good reason. Those different shades of red seemed reason enough. The antique celluloid hand mirrors made a...

Cups - sold

This is what happens when you don't throw out old cups. None of them match, and I am happy for it.

Black Lace Shoes - For Sale

These black lace shoes have been tucked in one of my old hat boxes for over 30 years. They were purchased in the 1950's for a special event and it was at this time I found that these glorious shoes were...

Painted Athletic Shoes-2 -Sold

Once again, a pair of Rockport leather walking shoes refused to look presentable after one of its infrequent cleanings. Surely they would look far better if the scuffs and bruises were covered with acr...

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