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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

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The Beauty Parlor
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The Beauty Parlor

Yankee Magazine

I am certain this lady brought her own Yankee Magazine in her handbag. This was was not usually found among the well-worn Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Star and Enquirer periodicals that cascaded...

Grocery Shopper

A short trip to the Cala Foods Grocery store set this woman up to relax while waiting for her turn at the shampoo bowl. Her shopping was done and the big brown grocery bag was at her side. She had booked...

Modern Art

Dressed for comfort, with bare feet and sandals, this relaxed woman used her time under the hair dryer reading a Modern Art magazine. I am reasonably certain she brought this magazine from her home to...

Next Customer

On busy days in the Beauty Parlor the customers frequently will have a brief wait. This lady was awaiting her turn.


There she sat. Think of it. A full 45 minutes alone with the Cosmopolitan Magazine---one of those very magazines that I would slip my drawing book into so it would be hidden from the view of the ladies...

Veranda - sold

I was sketching the front view of an old Victorian house for a California client. I felt the veranda scene to be more interesting than my assigned job, so when I finished that drawing, I did a few quick...

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