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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

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Studio Messes
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Pictures of studio Projects in action

Studio- August 2008

I work best when I have several things going at one time. Pushed close together on the work table are three still life setups for current paintings in process: a crock of colored pencils, a violin,...

Studio- February 2007

It is the day to photograph paintings. The pictures are grouped by size and camera is set on the tripod and the shoot begins.

Studio- May 2007

Cool Uke Number One is cradled in a wooden tray project.

Studio -June 2007

The ceiling is literally dripping guitars and ukes and I have a lot of work and fun ahead.

Studio - March 2007

Another group of paintings returned from a one-man-show and wait to be worked back onto the walls.

Art Studio - May 2007

Two more decorating projects are in the home stretch and it is time to think about the next thing I want to paint.

Studio - February 2007

Guitart Number One is almost finished.

Studio - April 2007

Ukulele Number One in process on the work table.

Studio - November 2006

A painter needs a lot of brushes!

Studio - December 2006

Another group of paintings socializing while drying.

Studio- November 2006

Guitart Number One on the operating table --

Studio - December 2006

Another array of paintings waiting to dry.

Studio - Summer 2005

The beginning of a tree painting on the easel and a busy workbench.

Studio - October 2006

Paintings at rest against the bookshelves

Studio - November 2004

Another row of paintings lean against the bookshelves to dry before they return to the easel where I can have a little talk with them-- brush talk.

Studio - October 2003

Once in a while the art moves from the studio to a one man show. After the show, working all the paintings back onto walls at home takes a bit of time. Once the paintings are removed from the car they...

Studio - November 2006

On this day I was into the red paint. Oh, I liked that red paint. The problem was that it was a Bulletin red for sign painting on windows and after this project was finished I read the label and learned...

Studio - May 2005

It is December and the long suffering Five-Pear painting prepares for another attack.

Studio - November 2006

A group of trays on the studio workbench, half way to completion.

Studio - May 2004

A stool decorating project involves lots of little jars of paint and is a challenging project.

Studio - November 2003

Wet paintings are propped against the bookcase and cork wall as they dry out of my way.

Studio - April 2003

I purchased brown eggs and saved their shells specifically to use for a painting I had in mind. You will see the carton on the counter. Unfortunately this very lightweight carton with empty egg shells...

Studio - November 2003

Another November day in the studio.

Studio - Julyr 2003

A July day in my studio. The room features a large North window and a smaller one on the West. This gives terrific light and needed ventilation. A great corner for painting.

Studio - May 2003

Art in my studio is a messy enjoyable process with many overlapping projects.

Studio August - 2003

Setting up for a stool decoration project in August, 2003.

Studio January - 2003

A more full view of the studio on one of its well-behaved days.

Studio March - 2003

Some projects are finished, but it seems there is always a new one ahead.

Studio February - 2003

It is now February, 2003 and the projects collect on my studio workbench.

Studio May 2003

Along came May, 2003 and another eruption of varied activities in the studio. That counter is 17 feet long and I manage to use every inch.

Studio February 2003


Studio - February 2006

Some messes can be so colorful...

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