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Northern California Tankhouse Photos
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Photographs of water towers and tankhouses in Northern California

Tankhouse - Fort Bragg California-Sold

This tankhouse was part of a fairly large two-story dwelling when it was photographed in 1977. It was located on the main highway as you entered Fort Bragg, coming from the South. When I went back in...

Tankhouse Near Eureka CA

A tankhouse nestled very close to other buildings. Photographed in 1973 in Eureka, California

Exxon Tankhouse


Leaning Tankhouse





Eureka Garage


Double tank house


New Tankhouse Home-Mendocino

This particular tankhouse is the focus of a rather new- appearing home. The photo was taken in 1978. There was a rumor that it was not a real tankhouse, but a home built to look like one. It appears...

View 3 -Double Tank Tower- 1978

View 3 of the doubled-tanked water tower shows the front of Wind and Weather, a commercial store operating within. Photographed in 1978

Double- Tankhouse-Mendocino 1977

View 1 of 3: This tankhouse was built with two water storage tanks. When this photograph was taken the enclosed lower portion housed a commercial store.

Mendocino Tankhouse -1978

This tankhouse was cleverly incorporated into the surrounding home. There are no windows visible in the tankhouse from this particular view, so how it is being used is unknown.

Garden Tankhouse - Mendocino

This well-maintained tankhouse lives in a well-cared-for garden in Mendocino. It was photographed in 1977.

Soup Kitchen Tankhouse - Mendocino

In 1978 we returned to the Northern California Coastal town of Mendocino to gather more tankhouse photographs. A soup kitchen had moved into the artistic little tankhouse that appeared to have possible...

Mendocino Tankhouse Near Bike Rack

It was 1977 when I photographed this small tankhouse with its unusual triangular windows and the inset sculpture. It appeared to be unoccupied. awaiting a business to move in. Which it did. You will...

Shingled Tankhouse with Volkswagon - Mendocino

Another view of my favorite Mendocino tankhouse. There must be a dozen tankhouses in this little village on the Northern California coast near Fort Bragg. Photographed in 1977

Artfully Shingled Mendocino Tankhouse

It was in 1977 when I photographed this water tower in Mendocino, California. Once the trestles of a water tower are enclosed it becomes a tankhouse. This the most artfully shingled tankhouse I have seen....

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