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In the 1970's I became interested in crazyquilts. Since there was no available literature to help me, I developed a crazyquilt method using the sewing machine, a method that left nice flat seams.

I first crazyquilted simple items such as placemats and pillows. These were followed by a crazyquilt-style denim bedspread and a reupholsteed recliner chair using fabric from old denim jeans. I created shirts, skirts, coats, jackets, vests, blouses, bathrobes and ascots and demonstrated my machine-sewn crazyquilt method in quilt classes and at Community Colleges.

While other quilters enjoy doing beautifully stitched hand quilting, I was more enthused just putting the colors and shapes together and was content to let the sewing machine do what I felt was tedious stitching.

Since crazyquilt is really a fabric collage, the same composition rules apply as in artwork. I published a 15-page pamphlet of instructions and the rules relating to this art form. The pamphlets titled "Creative Crazypatch" are available - $6.00 covers pamphlet plus mailing in the United States. Just email me at the below address.

Crazyquilt Clothing

Crazyquilt Clothing

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      Read More & See All of the Pictures!

Other Quilted Items

Make a few large quilts and one ends up with a pile of little pieces. Then it's time to create some new items. Peek into the gallery and see how those little pieces were used.

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