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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

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Johnsville Chair 1971- Sold

It was the most mended chair I had ever seen. It was setting in the sun on the crumbling porch of a deteriorating cabin in Johnsville, California. This is in some of the gold rush country in Plumas County and not far from the old Eureka mine. The chair was held together by amazing network of twisted wire.
Studio- August 2008

I work best when I have several things going at one time. Pushed close together on the work table are three still life setups for current paintings in process: a crock of colored pencils, a violin, and a messy painting cup. I love the beginnings of paintings.
Stool- Purple and Red -

This is really a cute little sturdy stool about 12 inches high -- and all painted up in red, orange, purple and chartreuse like any self-respecting stool ought to be.
Van Gogh Guitar-Back View - Sold

The back side of the same guitar painted with a modification of the Van Gogh Starry Night painting.
Van Gogh Guitar-Front View - Sold

I couldn't resist borrowing the Van Gogh Starry Night painting as an inspiration for this guitar. It was painted with artists oils on a pure white shellac base. Turned out nicely
Cork-covered Mail Box

Don't throw away those corks from your wine bottles. They can have another life. I covered a standard metal mailbox with corks using a glue gun. That was six years before this picture was taken and the glue gun cement has held up. I sprayed the finished mailbox with exterior polyurethane spray. A wine label was cemented on each side of the mailbox flag.
Pescadero Tankhouse

This tankhouse is as square and sturdy as the day it was built. It is about 15 miles South of Half Moon Bay on Highway #1. Just turn off the highway when you & see the "Pescadero" sign and after less than a mile you will drive by this tankhouse and be in the village. The fog and salt air from the nearby Pacific Ocean have weathered the redwood boards. Pescadero is a village with artichokes and other commercial vegetable fields nipping right up to the edge of the town. Years ago it was the home of many commercial fishermen.
San Gregorio Tankhouse 1978

Leave Highway #1 along the Pacific Coast when you see the sign directing you to the small village of San Gregorio in California. As you enter the village, on your right you will see this boxy looking tankhouse next to an open field. It is shingled and has an outside stairway leading to the tank enclosure.
Tankhouse - Fort Bragg California-Sold

This tankhouse was part of a fairly large two-story dwelling when it was photographed in 1977. It was located on the main highway as you entered Fort Bragg, coming from the South. When I went back in later years I found it had become an art gallery.
Tankhouse Near Eureka CA

A tankhouse nestled very close to other buildings. Photographed in 1973 in Eureka, California
Exxon Tankhouse

Leaning Tankhouse


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