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It was time to prepare for one of the local Charities to send their truck by for a pick-up of reusable clothing and bric-a-brac. The bulging, large, brown paper grocery bags formed a tilting line along the wall in the extra bedroom. One nudge would have scattered the whole mess like a string of dominoes.

But what was this? An old pair of my leather running shoes peeked from the top of a bag reminding me that I had been wanting to paint an old pair of shoes, and I don't mean paint a picture of them. I just wanted to paint the shoes.

Yesterday I did that. Oh sure, I learned that the craft paints weren't vivid enough, and I combined acrylic paints from the tubes to get the color strong enough, but believe me, I had a good time.

The shoe laces took a quick swim through some food coloring mixed with diluted acrylic paint and came out a reasonable color.

As Dr. Seuss said in one of his books, "Oh the places I will go" -- I can hardly wait to have these shoes take me out and lead a new life on these old feet. Oh boy.

How will this color wear? I don't know. I only know that the paint is waterproof and other than that it is a big experiment. Sold

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