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Graeagle Cottage - For Sale
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The small village of Graeagle had its start as a lumbering town. It is located at 5000 feet elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Plumas County in California. It was a company town and was owned by the lumber mill. All the workmens cottages, as well as the more substantial homes of the mill management officials, were painted a dark red with white trim.

The lumber mill has been gone for close to fifty years but the privately owned town has retained the distinctive red and white houses. The highway running through this small village is also the main street. A number of the small red homes along this throughway have become dental offices, Post Office, Boutique Shops, Art Galleries, Cafe-deli and other commercial uses.

A late afternoon breeze makes a sweet, hushed whispering sound as it rustles through the huge pine trees that hover over the small homes. A lovely spot. This painting was done mostly with a palette knife.

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