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This mustard colored tankhouse with a topping of carved filigree was suddenly visible to passersby when the lot was cleared to build a new house in Atherton, California. I was glad I sketched it, for by the time the house was completed the tankhouse had been removed. About a year later my drawing was published in a weekly village newspaper that was running a series of my drawings. Within two days I received a phone call from a young couple who had purchased and dismantled the tankhouse with the intention of rebuilding it on their property for use as a children's playhouse. They meticulously numbered all the boards as they pulled the building apart, and stacked them in proper order at their home fifteen miles away. This careful couple forgot one small detail. They had neglected to photograph the structure before they tore it down and weren't certain how their reassembled tankhouse was supposed to look. They were delighted to see the drawing in the newspaper and were eager to buy a print.

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