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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Home is an online gallery of paintings, drawings and other works by the artist, Jean Groberg.  Some of these paintings are available for purchase, others can be found in collections around the world.

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Sketchbooks are my constant companion. I haven't carried a purse for years, but there is always a sketchbook by my side. One is on the car seat to record what I see while awaiting various services, one in my studio, one in the office and another in the kitchen. There is also a "doodle" sketchbook by the telephone for pure foolishness. They become a visual diary and a wonderful reference for paintings. Come click on the Pen and Ink Drawing Galleries below and see where my sketchbooks have taken me

A Tankhouse is the building formed when the tall tower supporting a water tank is enclosed.  The higher the tower, the better the water pressure to homes and yards. Once built, the many different structures were put to a variety of uses. When you are aware of their distinct profile, you will discover them in a myriad of shapes and configurations across the west.

Six  galleries of drawings organized by region.

In the 1970's I became interested in crazyquilts. Since there was no available literature to help me, I developed a crazyquilt method using the sewing machine, a method that left nice flat seams.

I first crazyquilted simple items such as placemats and pillows. These were followed by a crazyquilt-style denim bedspread and a reupholstered recliner chair using fabric from old denim jeans. I created shirts, skirts, coats, jackets, vests, blouses, bathrobes and ascots and demonstrated my machine-sewn crazyquilt method in quilt classes and at Community Colleges.

Artful Diversions
With busy hands and an active mind, the creative drive will cause one to find expression in a variety of mediums: from stone mosaics to curtains made of driftwood and eyeglass lenses. View some of the eclectic projects.

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