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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

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For some people their interest in art shows at an early age. For Jean Groberg her early drive manifested itself on the margins of her school books as doodles and sketches of her schoolmates. Though the teacher of that tiny South Dakota schoolhouse encouraged the creativity of her students, illustration of the textbooks was strictly extracurricular.

In 1955 she began painting with oils. She received instruction in Color, Composition, and life drawing At Pacific Art League and local Community Colleges. During the 1970's she was represented by the Artful Alley Gallery in Hamilton, Bermuda. She has been presented in over two-dozen one-person shows and has won awards in many competitions. Her paintings can be found hanging in collections in Canada, England, Australia, Bermuda and across the United States.

For a 20 year period spanning the 80's and 90's she worked as an independent graphic designer and commercial Pen & Ink artist providing illustrations for books, brochures, cards, & notepaper. One of her longest-running projects was a fourteen-year run providing all of the drawings for a commercial calendar.

The drive to create is an unrelenting one. The impulse that caused her to scribble in the margins of her textbooks continues to inspire her into the daily expression of her Muse. Paintbrushes and Pen Nibs are extensions of her hands as she guides them into the creation of her next work.

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