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"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

 Danny Kaye   

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Paintings of the San Francisco Peninsula
Places secret and familiar
Old friends and welcome strangers.

Harbor in Bermuda - For Sale

For several years I had my oil paintings in a Gallery in Hamilton, Bermuda where the houses all look like pastel-colored sugar cubes with sugar-frosted roofs.

McAllister Street San Francisco-Sold

These lovely restored Victorian homes are the "Painted Ladies" of San Francisco. This group of charmers live on McAllister Street.

Railroad Signal Tower - sold

This signal tower was tucked in the shadow of a freeway overpass on the San Francisco Peninsula. A woman was on duty in the tower when I painted on location one late afternoon in 1973. Youngsters coming...

Hollister Gazebo - sold

This charming gazebo was attached to a private Victorian home in Hollister, California. It was an extension of the front porch. I sat in the car and sketched it from the street while the home occupant...

Ramona Street Palo Alto - sold

A charming alcove on Ramona Street in Palo Alto, California.

Downtown Vacant Lot -For Sale

It was another morning to paint on Main Street. A demolished building had been extracted between two old buildings leaving a gap like that of a missing tooth. Advertisements, painted on the scarred brick...

Fruit Vendor - Cairns Australia - sold

This fruit vendor in Cairns, Australia appeared at their weekly Farmers Market. She was friendly and happily posed for photographs.

Floral Shop = sold

I went on location one morning in 1996 to begin a painting of a colorful florist shop in Palo Alto. I placed my easel off the sidewalk, down in the gutter, in order to keep out of the way of workmen who...

Laguna Street Victorians - San Francisco-ForSale

I photographed and sketched these San Francisco Victorian homes in 1952. Their details are always a feast for the eyes. Available

School Porch - sold

This old Victorian home was rumored to have had many uses over the years, from the Holy to the unsavory. For a period of time it was used for Unitarian Church Sunday services. When I sketched it in the...

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